Sunday Morning

We are happy to have you join us on a Sunday morning.

Because of our interpretation of the “Priesthood of all believers” (1Peter 2:9) we encourage a high level of participation by the whole congregation, and each service will be unique, as different people will have things to share from week to week.  With all our faults, you will find a group of people committed to knowing the Lord Jesus more fully.  This idea of “group” or community affects everything we do.  Having said this here is a taste of what you can expect while visiting us.

The first segment of our worship is an “open service” in which one of our three worship teams leads us into congregational worship and praise.  Mixed inwith the worship you will find many in the congregation rise to share from God’s Word, give a word of testimony or seek prayer for themselves or others.  It is also our practice to take the Lord’s Table each week and you will find different men of the church leading us as we focus on our Lord and what He has done for us.  In addition, we have a teaching time each Sunday in which one of the brothers skilled in the Word improves our knowledge and application of the truths of the Bible.

When you come you will meet adults and teens who share the gospel with children in schools and neighborhoods weekly, others who minister daily to prisoners seeking to know the Lord and many individuals whose service to the Lord leads them to provide meals for the sick and encouragement to the discouraged.

From all of this you can see that we take congregational life seriously.  We believe that every Christian has a mission and we want to help each member discover his or her mission before the Lord.  Come meet us for yourself and see if God has a place for you in Household of Faith.