At Household of Faith, we have a longstanding core value that we are to follow the Great Commission and preach the Word to the ends of the earth.  To that end we are supportive of a number of missions organizations, and individuals from our own congregation and outside of our congregation. 


Here are links to many (but certainly not all!) of the organizations and ministries that we support.

Ethnos Missions – http://ethnosmissions.org/

Write-Way Prison Ministry –  http://www.writewaypm.org/

Wycliffe Bible Translators – http://www.wycliffe.org/

Steve & Linda Montgomery (Atoetonilco, Mexico) – http://www.mexhighland.org

Thrive Women’s Clinic – https://thrivewomensclinic.com

Ryan & Rosa Anders (Pioneer Bible Translators) – https://pioneerbible.org