Elders: The congregation at Household of Faith is Elder-led.  We do not have a Pastor.  The founding members opted for this method of leadership, keeping in mind the model of the New Testament Church laid out in the book of Acts.

Byron Clark –

Matt Holzapfel –

Steven Montgomery –

Luke Brock –

Deacons: As outlined in the first few verses of Acts (and other places in the scriptures) we have appointed a number of Deacons to assist in the physical and managerial aspects of our church body.

Chris Peterson –

Dwight Fuqua –

Josh Montgomery –

Corey Raine –

Erik Vipond –

Christopher Reid –

Church Administration: As a church body grows, so do the requirements of day to day life, hence we have a staff position to handle the business needs of our congregation.

Mikaela Raine –

Worship Teams: As a body we encourage those with gifts to share them, whether in a “recognized” position or otherwise.  Because of this and the abundance of music talent in the HOF congregation we have split the worship teams into three groups; they are lead by the following people.

Luke Brock –

Cory Raine –

Dwight Fuqua –

Women’s Ministries Administration: There are MANY ladies that serve in many roles at Household of Faith.

Anna Clark –